About Axis Corporation

In 1958 Axis Corporation broke new ground with their first vault handler calling it “The Logan Vault Handler.” Since that time, we have been providing high quality, reliable, and easy to operate vault handlers to vault manufacturers, cemeteries, monument companies and funeral homes throughout the country.

1960s Logan Handler

1960s Logan Handler

Axis Corporation is a family-owned and operated business with core values based in family and community committed to providing the best service and quality to our customers.

Since its introduction into the market, the Logan Handler has been copied, but never duplicated. It is simply the simplest design, the most reliable, the most durable, the highest quality, and the easiest to operate vault handler in the industry.

During our extensive history of building reliable and durable vault handlers, we have developed long-term and committed relationships with our customers, and consequently, consider them extended family. We would welcome the opportunity to develop the same long-term, committed relationship to you by providing you with the best vault handling equipment, replacement parts, and service available in the industry.


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